Disaster Proof your heat and power with CHP As New York City and surrounding communities were left partially flooded and prolonged power outages after Hurricane Sandy, the lights and heat stayed on a select number of facilities including in the New York University and Co-Op City high rise housing complex. [ref: The New York Times]

Traditionally our arenas have been illuminated by high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures. Metal halide technology is the most common of the HIDs utilized in arenas because of the clean white light it produces along with fairly good colour rendering ability (CRI of 65-70) and efficacy (65-100 lumens/watt). While metal halide technology ensures the goal of

A battery in general is a device which makes electrically charged atoms (ions) travel from one point to another, creating electrical current. It does this by: Having one positively charged electrode (cathode), and one negatively charged electrode (anode) in which the ions travel. In the middle you must have a material for the ions to

Our Industry is Changing

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Efficiency Engineering has operated out of Cambridge for over  25 years to help building owners save energy.  Its foundation is based on heating plant retrofit projects in Ontario where capital upgrades are value-engineered to be right-sized for the building and operate more efficiently. Lately we have undergone a change in philosophy where micro cogeneration (combined