Global Adjustment In 2005, the Ontario government established a line item on electricity bills called Global Adjustment (GA).  The intent of GA was to account for differences in the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) and the contracted electricity rates that the Ontario government pays to third party contracts through Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Independent Electricity

I have recently been involved in a pool dehumidification project to size and select a new dehumidification unit for a pool in the Toronto area. It was a small indoor pool, around 1000 SFT in size, used by tenants for recreational purposes. The Pool house was built above ground with lots of glass walls and

ASHRAE: Commitment to Sustainability

Thursday, 08 June 2017 by

ASHRAE President Tim Wentz reaffirms ASHRAE’s commitment to “serve humanity and create a more sustainable world” in response to the US government’s decision to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement. In response to the US government’s decision to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement, 211 mayors representing 54 million Americans indicated that they

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The International Institute for Sustainable Development issued a report quantifying the impact of pollution and climate change on Canadian society.  Highlights are: Urban smog is responsible for 7,712 deaths in 2015. Climate change related heat waves cost an estimated $1.6B in 2015. The cost of extreme weather events from climate change could not be calculated

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