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Who we are. What we do.

Our Mission

Efficiency Engineering is the trusted solutions provider for facility owners.

Our customers rely on us to:

  • Increase their asset value
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Manage risks associated with energy costs
  • Provide expert advice on building systems; and
  • Communicate climate change impacts from mitigation to adaptation

Our Values

Our success will be measured by our customer's perception of who we are.

We stand by our commitment to:

  • Provide excellent value for our customers
  • Stand by the integrity of our work
  • Deliver a tailored service with team members who care
  • Respect for the environment

More about us

Since 1990, Efficiency Engineering Inc. (EE) has been providing technical assessment, financial assessment, detailed design, and management for building upgrade projects.

EE works with clients to provide thorough and cost-effective energy auditing, monitoring & verification (M&V), energy project assessment, mechanical, electrical and renewable design, and LEED facilitation. We uncover, design, and manage facility systems solutions, with emphasis on economic feasibility and energy savings.

Our services have been used in thousands of buildings accounting for more than 350 million ft² of floor space. Our experience across all sectors, building types and building sizes allows us to quickly and accurately assess the energy and demand saving potential of any building, energy conservation measure or process. We have performed energy studies in 9 of 10 provinces, 2 of 3 territories, and throughout the US.

EE provides exceptional technical services to help building owners across North America improve their facilities, save money, and conserve valuable energy resources.

Why Choose Us

We are registered Professional Engineers. Our clients count on us for impartial advice. We are not builders, contractors, or equipment vendors. Efficiency Engineering provides unbiased advice on the full range of implementation solutions offered in the marketplace.

Energy Management Planning

Your building is an asset and as such, we will help you develop an energy management plan for long term results.

EE will help define your objectives and realign your facilities' infrastructure needs.

We can develop a funding strategy and investigate potential incentives so you can better plan capital investments.

Uncovering Potential

EE can provide energy audits on energy use to understand where your energy budget is consumed and uncover potential conservation opportunities.

We will investigate the implementation of renewable energy systems to enhance your current equipment.

EE considers various financial performance indicators and timeframes to better manage the risk involved.

Energy Retrofit Design

We will work with you to update aging equipment, install more efficient tecnology and realign your equipment with current space requirements.

Ensure your resources are used more effectively by recovering heat and transferring energy within the building.

Implementation of automated supervisory controls (BAS) to apply energy efficient strategies, as well as monitor and trend equipment operation.

Construction Managment

Our tendering process will help in selecting the right contractor for the job, an often overlooked, but critical step in getting the most out of your energy retrofit.

We conduct comprehensive site inspections throughout the construction phase from the first kick-off meeting to final inspection. This ensures that the design intent is met.

EE will monitor contractor progress as the Prime Consultants and administrator of any required CCDC contracts.

Ensuring Operational Efficiency

The largest cause of waste in buildings is due to equipment that does not operate as it was designed.

EE will ensure that you get the most out of an energy retrofit by following industry best practices and completing proper performance, verification, and commissioning activities.

We can help you bring your existing equipment back to life by re-commissioning systems and equipment, restoring their performance and operating efficiency.