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Air Purification: How at Source Treatment Can Lead to Compliance with MECP Regulations and Save Energy and Money

2018Aug_AirPurificationWith new more stringent limits in effect for chromium VI, manganese and nickel, it is not uncommon for metal processing facilities to face compliance issues when trying to obtain an Environmental Compliance Approval or EASR Approval.

Often these facilities will spend months trying to refine modeling or refine processes to try to obtain compliance and avoid installing somewhat costly air purification or fume extraction systems.

However, when looking at the big picture, air purification or fume extraction systems can have very attractive paybacks. When air is purified or cleaned through fume extraction at the source, either you can avoid exhausting fumes altogether, recycling the air back into the facility, or the amount of air that needs to be exhausted is drastically reduced. This, in turn, means that less air needs to be brought into the facility as make-up. In the winter, this means that there is a reduced need to heat air. For a small to medium size facility, this can equate to about $5000 per year in savings and reduce the GHG footprint. Additionally, the whole project would be eligible for energy saving incentives from the utility companies or CME’s SMART Green program (up to 50% of capital cost covered).

It is a win-win-win scenario as compliance issues are resolved, energy savings are achieved, and there is a positive impact on employee health and wellness.