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Available Funding Programs

Update to Energy Efficiency Funding Programs – October 2018


  1. The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC)
    • Offsets a portion of energy management and ISO 50001 implementation project costs
    • Grant covers 50% of project costs to a maximum of $40,000
    • Project types include:Development and distribution of information related to energy efficiency,development and delivery of training, assessments, evaluations and benchmarking studies, and development of technical guides and report, implementation plans and best practices studies.
    • Also offers funding for implementation of ISO 50001.
  2. Greenhouse Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative (GCII)
    • Supports Ontario-based greenhouse business projects
    • Project types include: Energy efficiency, input reduction, waste management, food safety, marketing
    • Grant valued up to 90% of eligible project expenses. Amount based on a rate of $0.14/sq.ft. of applicant’s production area to a maximum of 1.2 million sq.ft.
  3. saveONenergy and Union Gas/Enbridge programs still currently operational (current programs include audit funding,energy management, retrofit programs, feasibility studies and project funding)
  4. IESO Conservation Fund

Note: The CME SMART Green program is at capacity and has not yet been renewed for 2019.

Social Housing/Multi-Residential

  1. The NHS DemonstrationsInitiative (social housing only)
    • Funding for showcasing innovative technologies, practices, programs, policies and strategies
    • Funding ranges from $25,000 to$250,000 depending on project that is being showcased
    • Project must be recorded so that demonstrations can be distributed to other social housing providers
  2. National Housing Co-Investment Fund (social housing only)
    • $3.46 billion available through low-cost repayable loans over 10 years
    • $2.26 billion available through capital contributions over 10 years
    • Looking for projects that decrease greenhouse gases
  3. saveONenergy and Union Gas/Enbridge programs are still currently operational (including audit funding, retrofit programs, and feasibility studies)

Note: The GreenON program has been cancelled.Projects that have been pre-approved will still be funded but there will be no new applications accepted.