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Benefits of Retrofitting to LED in COLD Storage Environments

Typical cold storage facilities are illuminated by High Intensity Discharge (HID) and/or linear fluorescent fixtures. While these technologies each have their own advantages and disadvantages, LED technology now offers advantages well beyond the upfront energy savings.

LED Technology Advantages in Cold Environments:

  1. Energy Savings
    • Quality LEDs have greater efficacy than metal halide (MH) technology. This means they produce more light with less watts. Savings of 40-50% can typically be achieved by retrofitting from MH to LED
    • Quality LEDs have greater efficacy than linear fluorescent at cold temperatures. At temperatures of 0C/32F linear fluorescents lose 60% of their lumen output. LEDs increase lumen output as temperatures drop below 25C.
  2. Energy Saving due to Reduced Thermal Load
    • Reduce Light Source Wattage = Cooling Savings
    • When light is emitted into an enclosed environment such as a freezer or cooler the energy is absorbed into the environment in the form of heat. The cooling equipment for that space must work to remove that heat.
  3. Maintenance Savings
    • LED long life means :
      • Reduced replacement costs (lamps & ballasts)
      • Reduced labour costs
      • Reduced disposal costs (savings are two- fold 1. Equipment replacement is less often & 2. LEDs do not contain hazardous material like mercury that require proper recycling & disposal)
  4. Control Savings
    • LEDs can be turned on and off instantly and their life is not shortened by doing so. This makes them an excellent fit for utilizing occupancy sensors to turn lights off when space is unoccupied.
    • LEDs can be dimmed allowing more savings to be realized
  5. No Harmful UV
    • LEDs do not produce UV light that can lead to produce spoilage and waste.
  6. Environmental Benefit
    • LEDs contain no mercury, unlike HID and Linear Fluorescent light sources