The most important part of any project is the beginning steps, and energy conservation projects are no different.  It is very important that the first steps taken…often an energy audit…are performed correctly to thoroughly and accurately uncover energy conservation measures. An energy conservation project can be divided into the following 5 stages. Each stage has

In November 2013, the Ontario Hospital Association named Lakeridge Health the Green Hospital of the Year. The award recognizes the hospital’s multi-faceted energy efficiency and waste reduction measures. “We’re for healthy communities, and that’s what this project is all about,” said Lakeridge Health President and CEO Kevin Empey. “We’re reducing our environmental footprint together with

Project Threat #1 – Scope Creep

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As explained in my previous article (The need for Project Management Professionals) a project is defined by the triple constraint, namely scope, time and budget. These three factors not only explain the project but also quantify its success or failure. In the next series of articles we’ll explain the main threats affecting each of the

When it comes to energy conservation in existing Health Care Facilities specific expertise is needed to ensure your project goes smoothly right from the beginning of conception, through planning, development, implementation, and into operations. Health Care Facilities (or HCFs) have many design and operating requirements for the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment and plumbing

“Project Management” is a phrase used often in technical literature. Regrettably many who use the term actually do so incorrectly. To successfully manage a project requires much more than the mundane tasks needed to administer an account. Rather it more appropriate to consider that a successful project requires planning, design and execution. A recent survey