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Energy Retrofits at Lakeridge Health

Lakeridge_OshawaIn November 2013, the Ontario Hospital Association named Lakeridge Health the Green Hospital of the Year. The award recognizes the hospital’s multi-faceted energy efficiency and waste reduction measures.

“We’re for healthy communities, and that’s what this project is all about,” said Lakeridge Health President and CEO Kevin Empey. “We’re reducing our environmental footprint together with our energy costs, generating savings that can be put toward front-line care.”
Lakeridge Health is a large community hospital with a total of 15 sites located in and around Durham Region in southern Ontario. Four of these sites are large hospitals in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Port Perry and Whitby.

In 2009, similar to many other Canadian hospitals, Lakeridge Health was under pressure to cut costs, upgrade its infrastructure and renew its assets — all without compromising the quality of patient care.

Recognizing that there were untapped savings opportunities within the existing infrastructure, the Lakeridge team issued a competitive public call for tender. This resulted in a partnership with Ecosystem Energy Services, a Canadian firm that specializes in deep energy retrofits that are self-financed through guaranteed savings.

Beginning in 2010, Ecosystem has designed and implemented energy-saving retrofits for the four main hospital sites, which together amount to 136,680 square metres (1,471,200 sq.ft.). The retrofits aim to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the hospital environment for staff, patients and their families. Construction at the Whitby and Port Perry locations was completed in November of 2013. At the Oshawa and Bowmanville locations construction is expected to be completed by this December.
The project has 29 energy conservation measures, which together are expected to cut energy costs by 20% annually. In addition, the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,078 tonnes per year, which is the equivalent of displacing the emissions produced by 310 typical Ontario family homes.
The hospital will pay for the project out of the energy savings achieved, and Ecosystem guarantees the construction costs and the annual savings for a period of five years.

“This guaranteed energy saving investment has allowed us to reduce our risk of infrastructure failures and save money to reinvest into capital improvements,” said Neil Clarke, director of engineering and infrastructure at Lakeridge Health.*

Key Energy Conservation Measures
  • Cogeneration system
  • Efficient lighting retrofit
  • Solar photovoltaic power generation
  • Steam-to-hot water heating network conversion
  • Steam network optimization
  • Control optimization
  • Variable frequency drives on selected fans and pumps
  • Removal of city water cooling load
  • New efficient cooling equipment

Efficiency Engineering is proud to be a part of this project.

*Excerpt from Canadian Consulting Engineer May 2014 Issue. Click here to read the full article.*