Our Industry is Changing

by / Monday, 05 October 2015 / Published in CHP, COGEN, HVAC Design

Efficiency Engineering has operated out of Cambridge for over  25 years to help building owners save energy.  Its foundation is based on heating plant retrofit projects in Ontario where capital upgrades are value-engineered to be right-sized for the building and operate more efficiently.

Lately we have undergone a change in philosophy where micro cogeneration (combined heat and power) is now a realistic addition to a project.  These systems operate continuously to augment the facility’s electrical consumption needs but the key component to a successful system is how it integrates with the various thermal systems, and we are the experts in this field.

Cogeneration is the new standard.  This technology fundamentally changes the focus surrounding a heating plant by generating revenue, rather than consuming it.  Don’t let another boiler retrofit project pass by without considering cogeneration.

David Ferguson, CET

David is an Energy Auditor/Re-Designer/Project Manager at Efficiency Engineering Inc., with a diploma from St. Lawrence College in Energy Systems Engineering Technology. David has recommended over 5 million dollars worth of annual energy savings, and manages 2-5 million dollars worth of construction at any given time.

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