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Combined Heat, Power, Cooling and Emergency Back-upBuilding Profile Area: 190,000 ft2, 4 pad arena Description: Designated PERC  (Primary Emergency Response Centre) Need for heating, cooling and power during extended electrical grid outages. Aging Equipment – need for capital equipment replacement and/or upgrade. Undersized Equipment –

Building Profile Area: 350,000 ft2 Type: Public Assembly & Office Serving: : Parking Garage, Public Pool, & Outdoor Rink/fountain Energy Consumption Profile Natural Gas Consumption: 802,600 m3 Electrical Consumption: 7,210,000 kWh Total Utility Consumption: 15,924,000 ekWh Energy Utilization Index: 45.5 ekWh per ft2 Energy Conservation Measures Replace

Energy Consumption Profile Natural Gas Consumption: 225,600 m3 Electrical Consumption: 643,500 kWh Total Utility Consumption: 2,971,700 ekWh Energy Utilization Index: 28.7 ekWh per ft2 (Slightly Higher than Average Performing Building) Energy Conservation Measures Domestic Hot Water Plant Retrofit: Install Condensing Water Heaters Hot Water Heating

Building History Sleeman Centre is home of the Guelph Storm OHL Hockey Franchise. In addition to ice sports, this facility hosts a variety of events including, concerts, corporate and family events and an assortment of special sports events. Built in 2000, this facility was illuminated