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Combined Heat, Power, Cooling and Emergency Back-upBuilding Profile Area: 190,000 ft2, 4 pad arena Description: Designated PERC  (Primary Emergency Response Centre) Need for heating, cooling and power during extended electrical grid outages. Aging Equipment – need for capital equipment replacement and/or upgrade. Undersized Equipment –

Building Profile Area: 350,000 ft2 Type: Public Assembly & Office Serving: : Parking Garage, Public Pool, & Outdoor Rink/fountain Energy Consumption Profile Natural Gas Consumption: 802,600 m3 Electrical Consumption: 7,210,000 kWh Total Utility Consumption: 15,924,000 ekWh Energy Utilization Index: 45.5 ekWh per ft2 Energy Conservation Measures Replace

Energy Consumption Profile Natural Gas Consumption: 225,600 m3 Electrical Consumption: 643,500 kWh Total Utility Consumption: 2,971,700 ekWh Energy Utilization Index: 28.7 ekWh per ft2 (Slightly Higher than Average Performing Building) Energy Conservation Measures Domestic Hot Water Plant Retrofit: Install Condensing Water Heaters Hot Water Heating

Much of the efficiency loss in the traditional energy supply is in the combined 60% generation and transmission losses. It makes sense to look at ways of reducing these losses. CHP does this by eliminating the line losses (power is used where it is produced)

Wisdom in Saving Energy We will embed ourselves and work with your team to provide a quick start for a successful Strategic Energy Management process.

Is your building ready for the inevitable? Is all your life safety equipment powered during an emergency outage? What about the elevators? Are you aware of all code-mandated upgrades required when the generator is replaced? Is your building still protected by the security and access

At Efficiency Engineering Inc. (EE), we have a strong history of retrofit design work and have worked almost exclusively in the retrofit market since 1990. We are technical specialists that look out for your interests when making important decisions. Some of what our team can

Ice Arenas are universally recognized as the highest electrical and generally most inefficient of all public buildings. In most facilities, hidden inefficiencies exist that drive up operating costs and can shorten equipment life. We are here to help you navigate through the murky waters of