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Much of the efficiency loss in the traditional energy supply is in the combined 60% generation and transmission losses. It makes sense to look at ways of reducing these losses. CHP does this by eliminating the line losses (power is used where it is produced)

Wisdom in Saving Energy We will embed ourselves and work with your team to provide a quick start for a successful Strategic Energy Management process.

Is your building ready for the inevitable? Is all your life safety equipment powered during an emergency outage? What about the elevators? Are you aware of all code-mandated upgrades required when the generator is replaced? Is your building still protected by the security and access

Efficiency Engineering Inc. (EE) began performing energy audits on buildings in 1990 and have audited over 163 million square feet of building area. Since then, we have been continuously improving our auditing process. As a result, we are able to deliver a premium audit at

Minimize the cost of ownership with studies customized to meet your needs. We can help you sustain savings with ongoing monitoring and will maximize available incentives to help cover your costs.