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Real-Time Wind Power Capacity Tracker

From the IESO Website:

The Wind Power in Ontario Map helps to better demonstrate how wind power is contributing to the province’s electricity needs. It shows the forecast hourly wind output at a province-wide level and for certain regions over the next 48 hours. It also shows the last available hour’s output of each wind facility, updated approximately 30 minutes past the hour.

Information within the Wind Power in Ontario Map

  • Total provincial wind output for the last hour.
  • Forecast of total provincial output for the current hour.
  • Pins on the map represent wind facilities connected to the high-voltage transmission grid and show their respective generation from the previous hour.
  • The Ontario forecast numbers provide an hourly forecast for the province for the next 48 hours on a rolling basis. Forecasts for the Southwest and West regions are also available. As more wind facilities come into service in Ontario the map will be updated to reflect this growth.

How it Works Wind farms around the province have meteorological devices collecting information such as wind speed, humidity, wind direction and temperature which are used to create a centralized wind power forecast for the province. Centralized forecasting allows IESO’s grid operators to better anticipate future changes in generator output, and as a result they can more effectively match supply to changing system demand throughout the day.

View the Wind Power in Ontario Map