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Spurring Others to take Climate Change Action

We, in the energy efficiency field, are more than aware of the many choices we can make everyday in our lives to help reduce Green House Gas(GHG) emissions. Day after day we advise building owners to make changes in their buildings to positively affect Climate Change. We support our recommendations with calculations that not only show the reduction in energy use, reduction in GHG but the positive financial savings that are created by implementing energy conserving measures. But how do we inspire others to make changes and choices as part of their daily lives?

A recent article posted by Clean Technica addresses “4 Psychology Lessons That Can Teach Us About Inspiring Climate Action”. The post suggests that we utilize the following four techniques to help to inspire friends, colleagues, and family to action.

  1. Connect the Climate Crisis to What’s Happening in Real Communities to Reduce Psychological Distance 

Call attention to real life examples. Homes, neighbourhoods, entire communities destroyed in wildfires, or hurricanes, rising water levels affecting coastal communities, record high days, etc. etc. It not hard to see how climate change has changed our world, our communities, our way of life.

  • Make Climate Action a Group Experience to Promote Social Norms 

Psychologists have long identified that humans are pack animals and as such we have the need for belonging, acceptance and the need to be respected by others. If we continue to make Climate Change Action the norm other will join in.

  • Talk About What We’re Gaining, Not What We’re Losing, to Avoid Loss Aversion.

We’ve all heard that money talks. Flaunt potential savings, especially at the personal level.

  • Give Your Friends Real Ways to Take Action to Prevent “Environmental Melancholia

Sometimes when individuals see or hear of the devastation resulting from climate change they become anxious and overcome with feelings of being powerless. Providing easy, straight forward action items individuals can take to make a difference inspires them to move forward.

Guiding them to websites like and check out “Make it a Reality Action Kit”

Let’s continue inspire Change. We CAN make the difference.