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Geothermal Project – Revisited

I recently had the pleasure of visiting two of our geothermal projects that were installed in 2011.  For the past 8 years, they have been operating, for the most part, as designed.

Heat Pump Chiller at Haliburton HospitalHaliburton Hospital’s system is a lake coupled system that uses Grass Lake as the heat source in the winter and heat sink in the summer.  A 30 ton heat pump chiller delivers heating and cooling to the hospital.  A second 32 ton high temperature rise chiller delivers heating to the domestic hot water in the summer and the building in the winter.

Minden Hospital’s system is similar, except it is ground coupled with vertical loops located below the hospital’s parking lot.

Our reason for visiting the site was to make sure that the system was operating as designed and to look for other energy conservation opportunities.

Haliburton’s system is operating as designed, except that the lake appears to not be able to supply the necessary cooling in the late summer, or the necessary heating in the late winter.  We are investigating to see whether or not the lake is large enough for the given loads, or whether there are not enough loops in the lake to allow for proper heating or cooling as the temperature of the lake rises and falls with the seasons.

Minden’s system is operating as designed, with a few minor issues around changes in controls that have been made over the years.  Recommissioning should resolve these issues.