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City of Guelph Transit Building Solution


Efficiency Engineering was hired by the City of Guelph to replace 10 make-up air units, 3 rooftop units, 10 exhaust fans and 4 domestic water heaters. The project was very straightforward and many other building owners would choose to go directly to a contractor to replace “like for like”.

At Efficiency Engineering, we think outside of the box, always looking for better ways to design. Where other engineering or contracting firms would only look at first cost, we look at all life-cycle costs for different design options.

After reviewing the project, we found a solution that was better for the client than simply replacing the rooftop units.

We approached the City and presented our idea. They quickly agreed that our energy conservation option was a brilliant solution and asked us to engineer it.

Solution and Results

Our solution included replacing 7 of the make-up air units and 10 of the exhaust fans with 3 heat recovery ventilators.

We also discovered a better solution for the domestic water heaters. Since the hot water was being used throughout the day, there were opportunities to use solar thermal panels to perform much of the heating.

After completing this project, our solution resulted in an annual savings of $100,000 and an annual ROI of 40% to the City.