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Detailed Design

At Efficiency Engineering Inc. (EE), we have a strong history of retrofit design work and have worked almost exclusively in the retrofit market since 1990. We are technical specialists that look out for your interests when making important decisions.

Some of what our team can help with:

  • Mechanical/Electrical
    • Heating & Cooling Plants
    • Domestic Hot & Cold Water Distribution
    • Make-Up Air Unit Replacement
    • Demand Controlled Ventilation
    • Combined Heat & Power Plants
    • Waste Heat Recovery
    • Solar Design (PV or Thermal)
    • Organic Rankine Cycle Generator Systems
    • Emergency Generator Systems
  • Equipment Right-Sizing
  • BAS / Controls Design
  • Project/Construction Management
  • Maximizing Incentives
  • Minimizing Maintenance Costs

Let us know...

What are your building’s design needs?