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Milton Sports Centre CHP

Combined Heat, Power, Cooling and Emergency Back-up

Building Profile


190,000 ft2, 4 pad arena


  • Designated PERC  (Primary Emergency Response Centre)
    • Need for heating, cooling and power during extended electrical grid outages.
  • Aging Equipment – need for capital equipment replacement and/or upgrade.
  • Undersized Equipment – Cooling capacity inadequate to meet PERC needs during the summer.
  • Antiquated controls.
  • Significant utility costs


  • 500 kW of CHP Generators, with back-up capabilities
  • 200 kW of Back-up Generators, with peaking capabilities
  • 2×100 ton Absorption Chillers
  • Building Automation to actively manage loads to meet generator capabilities
  • Containerized Mechanical/Electrical solution.
  • $211,000/year in utility cost savings