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Niagara Generator Replacement

Project Description

Efficiency Engineering put forward several options for sizing and locations, recommending:

    • 3 x 500kW gensets.
    • On-grade location at the back of the buildings.
    • Wooden fencing to hide view from nearby road.
    • Reuse existing fluid cooler.
    • Professional Cost Consultant estimate: $2,236,000.
  • Two buildings, one with an existing 60kW back-up generator and one with an existing 375kW back-up generator.
  • Gensets were at the end of their useful lives, undersized for current and future needs, and located in highly visible areas.
  • Efficiency Engineering was hired to:
    • Combine the two gensets into a single back-up power plant.
    • Size the new plant for current and future needs.
    • Locate the new plant to maintain current aesthetic views of the two buildings.
    • Hire a 3rd party Professional Cost Consultant to estimate the cost of our design options.

Solution and Results

Three 500kW gensets were installed as recommended with the following results:

  • We tendered to 5 contractors. Tender prices were significantly lower than budget and 3rd party Professional Cost Consultant’s estimate.
  • Our design was installed and is operating as intended.
  • Total cost, including extras of $1,413,000, 35% lower than estimated.