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Sleeman Centre Lighting Retrofit

Building History

Sleeman Centre is home of the Guelph Storm OHL Hockey Franchise. In addition to ice sports, this facility hosts a variety of events including, concerts, corporate and family events and an assortment of special sports events.

Built in 2000, this facility was illuminated primarily by linear fluorescent fixtures housing inefficient magnetic ballasts. Incandescent lamps were utilized in spaces like the corporate VIP viewing boxes to enable dimming during events. Incandescent exit signs were found throughout the facility. Like many of our North American arenas, the ice pad was illuminated with 1000W metal halide high bay fixtures and 500W halogen flood lights.

This facility typically operates for 18 hours per day during the hockey season leaving the off season schedule dependent on event bookings, off ice leagues and maintenance. While recent retrofits included the installation of occupancy sensors in most dressing rooms and a few offices, the large majority of lights are controlled by a programmable lighting control system. This system is programmed to turn lights “ON” when the building opens in the morning and remain “ON” until the last person leaves at night. Lights remain “ON” for an extended period of time when rooms or areas are vacant.

Implemented Measures

  1. Retrofit existing linear fluorescent fixtures with high efficiency electronic ballasts and reduced wattage T8 lamps.
  2. Replace 2×2 linear fluorescent fixtures with LED luminaires.
  3. Replace all incandescent lamps with equivalent dimmable LED retrofit lamps.
  4. Replace metal halide high bay fixtures with LED high bay luminaires
  5. Install programmable lighting control system, capable of time and dimming control, on ice pad fixtures.
  6. Replace halogen flood lights with LED flood luminaires
  7. Install occupancy sensors in public washrooms, office space, corridors, fitness and dressing rooms
  8. Replace incandescent exit signs with LED exit signs

Additional Savings & Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance due to long predicted life of LEDs
  • Predicted maintenance savings of more than $8,000 annually
  • Improved Broadcasting Environment
  • Increase Colour Rendering Index of 90
  • Consistent Colour Temperatures of 5000K
  • Improved Horizontal and Vertical Uniformity
  • Ability to dim lights over the ice pad for different events
  • Ice pad LEDs and flood LEDs allow for instant “ON”, instant “OFF”. Manipulating LEDs to flash continuously for a “Team Grand Entry” does not reduce the life of the LED.


More than $39,000 from a saveONenergy rebate is expected for this project.