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Toronto Multi-Residential Energy Savings Project Profile

Energy Consumption Profile

Natural Gas Consumption: 225,600 m3
Electrical Consumption: 643,500 kWh
Total Utility Consumption: 2,971,700 ekWh
Energy Utilization Index: 28.7 ekWh per ft2
(Slightly Higher than Average Performing Building)

Energy Conservation Measures

  1. Domestic Hot Water Plant Retrofit: Install Condensing
    Water Heaters
  2. Hot Water Heating Plant Retrofit: Install Near-Condensing Boilers
  3. Hot Water Heating Plant Retrofit: Install VFDs on Heating Pumps
  4. Replace Makeup Air Unit c/w VFD and Demand Controlled Ventilation
  5. Replace Air-Cooled Chiller
  6. Install Variable Speed Domestic Water Booster Pump Package

Building Profile

Area: 103,500 ft2
Storeys: 15
Units: 140

Target Savings

Natural Gas: 55,100 m3 or 25%
Electricity: 115,400 kWh or 18%
Total: 684,000 ekWh or 23%
Total Energy Utilization Index Reduction: 6.6 ekWh/ft2

Actual Savings

(Weather-Normalized, IPMVP Option C)
Natural Gas: 62,800 m3 or 28%
Electricity: 108,600 kWh or 17%
Total: 756,500 ekWh or 26%
Total Energy Utilization Index Reduction: 7.3 ekWh/ft2

Project Successes

  • $ 30,000 First Year Energy Savings
  • $ 105,000 Incentives Obtained Towards the Cost
  • 21.4 ekWh/ft2 Energy Utilization Index
    (Above Average Building Performance)
  • Significant Capital Equipment Upgrade Achieved in the Building